Merging physical and digital



Development of detailed digital fashion items after your specifications, usable for digital showcase of your garment and AR filter creation.


Design of digital AR body tracking filters after your wishes, making your pieces wearable for your community on Instagram & Snapchat.


Manufacturing of 3D printed objects containing an NFC chip, guiding owners to specific links when smartphone placed next to.


Development of metaverse items after your wishes to make your garments wearable and collectible in virtual worlds (e.g. Decentraland).

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3D modelling:
Fear City

For a merchandise drop of the Web3 project ‘Fear City’ by Stephen Bliss, former Senior Artist of Rockstar Games, we created a high quality 3D object of a physical baseball cap. Additionally, we implemented the cap into AR filters for Instagram and Snapchat to merge physical and digital worlds.

AR Filter:
Fear City

Fear City used the AR filters to host a community contest on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Discord. The filters helped Fear City track interactions within the community and generate new community members.

3D modelling: Studio Amber

For Studio Amber, a sustainable fashion brand from Germany, we developed a digital high quality 3D model of their ‘Dimensions & Perspectives’ T-Shirt. The brand used the model to create social media content & virtual photo shootings.

AR Filter:
Studio Amber

For a beanie from Studio Amber’s collection, we designed AR Filters for Snapchat & Instagram to make it virtually wearable. The brand used these for influencer marketing and to kick-off a lottery prior to product launch.

NFC token:
Studio Amber

As a proof of authenticity to Studio Ambers clothing, we developed a physical 3D printed token containing an NFC chip, linking product owners to their individual NFT, AR filters, Studio Ambers social media channels and website, when they place their smartphone next to the token.

Metaverse wearable:
Studio Amber

Jointly with Studio Amber we developed a dedicated Decentraland wearable based on the physical ‘Dimensions&Perspectives’ t shirt from their collection. The brand distributed the wearable as part of their phygital NFT package.

Avatar modelling:
Studio Amber

For Studio Amber we modeled a digital avatar, resembling one of their real life models. The brand used the avatar as a main character of their advertising campaign.







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